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Playbill Ads

Sponsor Colleyville Heritage High School Theatre with a Playbill Ad!

Playbill Ads are a great way for family members and friends to support the theatre program and honor a student crew member or actor.  Playbills will be distributed to over a thousand theatre goers this Fall. Saved as keepsakes by many!  All proceeds are used to cover printing costs.  Best part of the deal is that we can help you create the ad if you wish!

We will be selling Playbill ad’s at the Booster Club Meeting on Nov. 14th.

Advertisement Prices for SOUND OF MUSIC:

  • Quarter page – $50
  • Half page – $100
  • Full page – $150


If you are interested in placing an advertisement, there are THREE (3) steps to take:  

  1. pay for the ad using Paypal link below
  2. fill out the form below
  3. send your ad by email to

Questions?  Email to

STEP #1 – Pay here.

Click the button and enter the $dollar$ amount of the ad you are purchasing. You don’t need a Paypal account to make the purchase.  Your purchase is considered a charitable donation if it is not advertising a business.

Buy Now Button

STEP #2 – Complete this form.

Step #3 – Send your ad by email to

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